Where is a Folding iPhone?

Folding smartphones have been presented by Samsung and Huawei recently. All eyes on Apple now!

We can say that Apple’s iPhone created smartphone’s history. The new mobile era began in June 2007 when it was introduced by Steve Jobs. Since then, the iPhone took the dominant place in the smartphones market.

For the first time, the most reliable device isn’t the most expensive mobile you can find! Priced at $2000 and $2600, Samsung’s and Huawei’s devices are much more expensive than the latest iPhone X series. Okay, it’s not all about the price, what do these phones own that iPhone doesn’t?

Foldable smartphones
(Image: ยฉ Letsgodigital)

Foldable smartphones act like a toy. You can easily transform them into the large-screen tablet, and they can also stand on the desk like a foldable book!

Apple founders were very proud of the iPhone’s elegant design that takes the breath away. Today, the concurrent Android devices are foldable. Features as Touch ID, mobile payments, the face recognition made iPhone a smartphone with leading innovations for years. Now, according to Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Apple’s foldable technology is a way behind.

Wozniak, who helped Steve Jobs in building the first prototypes of Apple computers admitted:

“I really want a folding phone!”.

He also expressed his concerns about the fact that Apple is no longer a leader in latest innovative stuff as folding technology is.

It’s going to be very interesting in the mobile market in the years to come. Android giants broke High-Price Apple’s strategy by introducing almost two times more expensive smartphones. Also, according to revenue data and brand valuation, Huawei will probably replace Apple on the second spot this year. However, it’s expected that Samsung retains the top spot.

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