A freelance web developer site has been launched!

Welcome to awebdeloper.co.uk!

Hey guys, I’m glad to have you here. I’m looking forward to sharing my development skills with you. In addition, let me keep you updated with the latest geeky IT news, and whenever something new happens in web coding world. And as the things are moving quickly, there’s no chance to get boring here :-).

In my future posts, you’ll learn how I develop and optimize sites to be super fast, just as this one! As an experienced web developer, I will learn you how to write DRY (don’t repeat yourself) and clean code. Code organization and maintenance is really a very important thing today, regardless if you are working alone or in the team. As a web developer, the speed of site delivering is crucial, and you should take new things and improve your productivity all the time. We all know what that means in reality: more time for watching football and beer, hooray :-).

A web developerOf course, there’s no RIGHT or WRONG way of doing those things. I’ll show you my way of working, and I expect from you to join the conversation and share your thoughts about it! It’s an important stage in everyone’s career to understand that sharing is caring. Don’t be afraid to write about your way of working. Learning new things in coding is never enough, and I’ll be happy to hear new stuff from you as well!

It is the right time now for you to get subscribed to my blog. Stay tuned and visit it regularly, because you need to be informed about new coding things all the time!

So, see you in the next articles, and as one guy said: “Stay foolish, stay hungry“!


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